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Thread: Need ideas on what others do to prevent UTI?s please.

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    yes for sure theres no underlying issue b4 starting, like stones or hydronephrosis

    i wish more ppl would share their experiences here, i know of so many that have had incredible success for many many years, everyone i know with success does IC not indwelling or super pubic, much different beasts there
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    did you find the gentamicin installation worked better than microcyn/hydrocleanse for you? rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    4 years and 1 symptomatic, treatable UTI.
    Guess I'm lucky.

    I don't condom cath, but intermittent and I think my low incidence is primarily how paranoid I am when cathing.

    I clean carefully, understanding that iodine or BZK cannot break a biofilm so I know I have to lightly scrub the opening of the urethra. Just putting stuff there won't break a biofilm or kill bacteria.

    I never touch the catheter with anything before insertion. Nothing. If it brushes against anything other than carefully-cleaned skin on the way to being inserted then it goes in the trash.

    Obviously I use more rigid catheters for this since I never touch the catheter.

    If I'm out in a public restroom of some sort, I can do this whole thing in just my chair touching nothing in my environment. It helps to have a shirt with a pocket.
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