I was just wondering what techniques others use to treat UTI?s?
ive tried cranberry juice/ capsules,,even the pure juice,methnenaminne hippurate,drinking lots water,etc.
im still using condom cath for last 36 yrs,and cath 1 x day,I cath mainly to empty bladder just before applying condom cath,otherwise I?m peeing so much which makes it difficult to get catheter on.i use The Hollister extended wear cath as they stay on real good.
ive never take D Mannose,,I?m sure some of you will come back with that. So how?s it work,how often you take,where do you get best stuff,price ,etc,,oh and what exactly is it?

I only get bout 3-4 infections that need antibiotics.id like to get away from so much antibiotics as it could be a problem someday with all the bugs becoming resistant to them.
thanks All.