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Thread: Need ideas on what others do to prevent UTI?s please.

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    Need ideas on what others do to prevent UTI?s please.

    I was just wondering what techniques others use to treat UTI?s?
    ive tried cranberry juice/ capsules,,even the pure juice,methnenaminne hippurate,drinking lots water,etc.
    im still using condom cath for last 36 yrs,and cath 1 x day,I cath mainly to empty bladder just before applying condom cath,otherwise I?m peeing so much which makes it difficult to get catheter on.i use The Hollister extended wear cath as they stay on real good.
    ive never take D Mannose,,I?m sure some of you will come back with that. So how?s it work,how often you take,where do you get best stuff,price ,etc,,oh and what exactly is it?

    I only get bout 3-4 infections that need like to get away from so much antibiotics as it could be a problem someday with all the bugs becoming resistant to them.
    thanks All.

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    3 to 4 infections a year needing antibiotic, while not great, my urologist(s) said is nothing to be overly alarmed that considering our situation. You say you are a (spontaneous?) voider using a condom cath. Are your voiding pressures well within the safe margin? Spontaneous voiding can be deleterious in resulting in excessively high pressures or high residuals, both of which are bad. It is unusual to both void and cath. Usually if one is on IC it must be done on a regular basis throughout a 24 hour day. And if you "pee" is it a neurogenic bladder squeeze or do you have control over your bladder.

    You can try the gentamicin instillation, as discussed thoroughly here, though my urologist wasn't too crazy about it, much to my chagrin. I really would've liked to try it. I too, average about the same amount of UTI per year requiring antibiotic.

    If your urodynamics are not safe after the so many years then that will have to be addressed if you want to preserve your kidney function, which raises another question, have your kidneys been evaluated, at least by sonogram? In addition, you may wish to do a 24 hour urine collection to check your urine chemistry.

    All the rest of the stuff you mention, cranberry, etc. is all window dressing if the underlying situation is not safe. I recently started taking methenamine instead of the gentamicin to see if it keeps my UTI down. After six months and before my next visit with my urologist I will probably do a culture just to see if my colonization status and the colony count.

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    I am not SCI but have had my share of UTI’s. The d-mannose has helped me the most.
    I take 1000 mg twice a day. I have MS, and someone with MS recommended this to me. It worked to stop them and for some reason I stopped taking it. Then more recently I went back to taking it after having two UTI’s in four months. I didn’t have any UTI’s while taking d-mannose. I think the recommended dose is 1000 mg a day but I have had more bladder spasms lately so I’m taking a second dose (which might be unnecessary).
    I take an expensive brand because most d-mannose is made from corn which I am allergic to.
    I hope if you try it, you will have success.
    Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Head Injury, Chronic Pain Disorder

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    None of those substances are appropriately used to treat a UTI. They are designed to help prevent UTIs, and may vary significantly in how effective they are at that from person to person.

    Are you having frequent true UTIs, or just positive cultures (colonization)?

    I would agree with the comments above about reflex voiding, which is rarely recommended any more. Do you get regular (at least every 2 years) uroddynamics studies to be sure you don't have a high pressure bladder? How often do you check your residual urine? Do you get annual screening for urinary stones, and annual kidney function tests such as a 24 urine creatinine clearance?

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    Gent instills, LIFE CHANGING...... many articles regarding this if you google also great article in new mobility by bob vogal as well. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    I don't like to doctor shop, but I saw 3 MD's at the same practice, one a neurourologist. Couldn't get one to write the RX for gentamicin. They wanted to try hipprex first. I conceded and will try a culture after a few months to see if it changes anything, though my rehab md said it changes the bladder chemistry/environment to make it more favorable for proteus bacteria, while making it unfavorable for others.

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    I haven’t had urodynamics in a long time,maybe 10 yrs..around that time I had a sphincterotomy re done,the 3rd in about 35 yrs..
    i have no control over bladder,it drains at will.i don’t drain as well during day as it does at night..I had about 2000 cc in overnite bag this am,,holds 4000cc.
    I change condom catheter every evening. First,I would get cathed,,usually between 250-350 cc in bladder..I’ve done this because otherwise I’d be peeing a lot which makes it a pain to wash up,let dry and have new condom cath applied.
    i can’t be cathed every 4 or 6 hrs because I’m unable to do it and no one to help,,I’m working part time during day.
    i go to VA 1 c a year for annual evaluation,,I stay overnight..they do an ultrasound of bladder & kidneys,24 hr urine,bloodwork,urine culture, x ray of chest & abdomen as well as other tests...
    recent culture just showed a colonization..running no temps,jus feeling lil rundown,urine lil cloudy,sore throat...they wrote script for Levoquin for 7 days.
    i hopes this extra info helps.
    thank you.

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    Thanks crags..I wrote a response down below if you’d like to read..just below the RN moderates comment.

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    I tried to avoid going to the tube through abdomen into bladder thing as I worry that I’ll still get leakage out the penis as I had the sphincterotomy ..also,I use an abdominal binder, which helps with breathing & keeps an muscles in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    Gent instills, LIFE CHANGING...... many articles regarding this if you google also great article in new mobility by bob vogal as well.
    did you find the gentamicin installation worked better than microcyn/hydrocleanse for you?

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