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Thread: effects of amputation

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    effects of amputation

    I am 24y post injury, T12 para. Almost since my injury I have had wounds on my right foot. Initially I went through the medical mill including two skin grafts until I just tended them or it by myself and they were pretty stable and manageable until my foot went crazy 5 years ago.

    Since then I have been going to wound care at least weekly and threw everything but the kitchen sink at this foot. I won't detail all this-too much!

    I have come to the end and am resigned to amputation just above the knee. FYI, there are several conditions from my accident that compromise this leg; I think the remaining leg will be OK.

    I'd like to know how impactful this might be, especially for transferring and butt health. I hunch that the descendant limb cantilevers on the front half of the cushion and partially unloads the butt.
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