I could with your help, please. I am wondering if anyone has come across the so called SARMS and Stem cells that can relieve someone from severe spinal injury pain? I have a friend who is more of a brother and he is South Africa. He has been suffering spinal cord pain injury for more than 7 years now.

Stem cells is not even something to talk about for a poor guy. However, we have been told, stem cells could be the best option. My understanding is that, stem cells is simply the manufacture of human spare parts. Please, can some throw in some light on this topic of stem cells, please. How could be the cost?

Last week, a friend of mine who is a student nurse shared the term "SARMS" with me and something that could help relieve my friend from severe pain. However, she'd also heard of the term from someone who said SARMS were still under research. I learned that Cardarine could be a better pain reliever and even for cure. I have tried to look for reviews online but only find a few confirming what Cardarine. So, on the 2nd September 2019, I went and bought Cardarine 20mg online from https://holigrail.com, a UK based company and sent it to him back there. He received the package after 1 weeks and a couple of days. The news I have is that, his condition has improved dramatically from the first he swallowed the first capsule. So, I want to order more Cardarine to send to him then decided to seek your help and or advise. I have also emailed the guys at holigrail.com and still waiting for their reply.

Is there anything better than Cardarine? Are there any supplements for spinal cord injuries? What type of exercises if any could help in relieving the pain? Any one tried SARms before and if yes, please share your experience