Hey Hawk, I just noticed your post and I was Recently hospitalized with sepsis but they only kept me in the hospital for 5 days. I also didn't have a UTI , however it sounds like my Hospital didn't do half of the things that your hospital did. They didn't do a full MRI, never checked my prostate, And I look at your tests and none of those were done on me, Especially the CBC or CRP that you guys keep talking about. they were only concerned with my blood cultures and after 5 days of no growth they released me. it seemed all they were concerned about was with my high lactic acid levels and white blood cell count which were high. Well less than two weeks after I was released from the hospital I did a urinalysis and now I have a UTI with e.coli. Seems like infections never end with us.

I feel the same way you do Hawk, I feel like I walked out of the hospital not knowing how I got sepsis and how I'm going to prevent this in the future. I posted an earlier question about how I can get sepsis without a UTI and KLD asked if I was seen by an infectious disease doctor When I was hospitalized which I wasn't. Now I really regret not knowing all this because I wish they would have checked my prostate and esophagus.

Just out of curiosity what are your next steps and trying to find out how you got sepsis?