Clinical trials are an essential part of the path to bring treatments to the Spinal Cord Injury community. These trials are a source of innovation, new therapies, and procedures that people with lived experience of spinal cord injuries rely on to improve their quality of life and potentially their conditions.

In the past, users would have to search through hundreds of thousands of trials on every medical problem - not just those related to SCI - to search for relevant clinical trials. It would be hard to find trials that were of use to them, and they would have to keep searching for updated trials on a regular basis. provides the community with a way of finding out about clinical trials that are relevant to them in the fastest way possible by:

  • Allowing search via location and injury details
  • The ability to receive email updates on new relevant trials
  • Answering the most common questions about trials through our FAQ Distilling clinical information into everyday language
  • Allowing users to apply for trials quickly and directly through the website Personalized to your needs was created by the spinal cord injury community, for the spinal cord injury community to connect the scientific community to people living with SCI.

  • The site contains SCI-specific trials in various stages of recruitment from around the world
  • The trials are sourced from legitimate hospitals, universities, and research centres.
  • We are continually iterating and adding features based on feedback from people living with SCI and the scientific community.