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Thread: UTI risks indwelling urethral catheters vs suprapubic

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    UTI risks indwelling urethral catheters vs suprapubic

    I?d thought UTI risks were similar for indwelling urethral catheters and suprapubic catheters. However according to the Canadian Urological Association it is much higher for urethral catheters. Was I misinformed or is this new?

    ? Transurethral indwelling catheterization carries >5-fold increase risk of recurrent UTIs when compared to suprapubic catheterization (SPC) and CIC. While UTI risk between SPC and CIC appears comparable, there is a significantly increased risk of bladder calculi with SPC.?
    Canadian Urological Association guideline: Diagnosis, management, and surveillance of neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction

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    This is pretty much the information that we have been sharing for many years. The supposition that catheter placement equals similar infection rates is not accurate.

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