Good morning everyone,

This post is not so much about a device but instead about how to get it to the community in an ethical way.

The way I see it there are two options:
1. Going through DME's to distribute
This is the traditional rout. It is relatively easy (since they already have the hospital networks). HOWEVER they take a massive amount of money (40-50%). That's why all the mobility devices that currently exist are priced insanely high for anyone trying to buy privately.

2. Becoming a DME
This pretty much just means building our own hospital/distribution network. It is much more difficult, but we can control our price and make it as low as possible.

Is there a 3rd option I am missing? Maybe a more creative way to get to the wheelchair community? I want to avoid option 1 at all costs. It's not fair to the community that the prices have to be artificially high in order to to satisfy the pockets of "the system".

Yes, I understand only a small percentage of users will buy a device without insurance but I don't want to leave anyone behind.

Any and all advice/thoughts are extremely appreciated!

Thank you for the help!