I'd like to think I'm special but how many of my fellow SCI'ers have broken a vertebra later on? I flipped back hard enough for my backrest to collapse forward and squish me, L2 got squished. Hurts pretty bad despite the fact that practitioners think that because I'm paralyzed already, I don't feel it... Oh I feel it alright! As close to an aneurism I ever want to have. Its amazing that even my bowel regimen has drastucally changed (contractions gone, blafdder AD gone, yet they say no cord compression, spinal shock without compression? Gettong up and laying, nightmarish.

Good news is, the backrest collapse quite possibly saved me. The push handles got caught on home lift bars on way back, triggering the release/collapse of backrest, had it not my C2 would have hit the bar even harder than it did!