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Thread: Accessible yard/farm equipment

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    There is a guy on youtube named David Kott,, who is converting a zero turn mower to drive from his powerchair. he has some snowblowers he is setting up topush with his powerchair too.

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    I built a remote control lawn mower which has been running for four years. I made it the hard way with old wheelchair motors batterys alternator and controller. The easy way is buying a zero turn and mounting two servos to the hand levers and you have a remote control mower add a camera and you have FPV. Many you tube videos and some commercial rip offs like RCmowers charging like 7x the cost. Trust me its not that hard.

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    get yourself a cow or sheep, goat and sit back and watch them mow it for you!

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    If you can transfer good/decent and are in decent shape, you should be able to transfer onto most any zero turn mower. Same goes for ATV's, UTV's etc. UTV's would require hand controls, not terribly hard to do.

    As for tractors, and other large equipment? I myself would go for a single lift on a pick up, but LifeEssentials wants $30-35k for their lift..... In the process to try to modify a service body crane to essentially accomplish the same thing for pennies on the dollar compared to their lift.

    Skid loaders, JCB makes a side entry machine, which is what I would get if I was buying new. I run our Case 75XT no problem, sometimes it can be tricky getting into, but it's not that bad. Been in a Takeushi machine a few years ago, it was quite the gap between the bucket and cab, needed a 2nd person to help. Caterpillar loaders, they're easy to get into.
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