So, I need to rent a vehicle with hand controls towards the end of October. Most of my family will be traveling to Maui for my brother's wedding, but because we are all staying in separate condominiums, we are planning to get a few vehicles between all of us so we can go places as we please. Some extra information in case it is relevant: I am T10/11 complete paraplegic. I can transfer on my own to basically any car, but the taller the vehicle the more difficult it can be for me. I have had no problem getting into a few of the smaller SUVs like a Rav4, and in the past I have gotten in a few rental vans my parents have rented on past 2 trips to Maui, but a truck or taller SUV usually has required some assistance. Currently I drive a Toyota Matrix.

My Questions:
What company do you prefer to rent through (Maui has the following rental companies Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Thrifty, and Sixt but I am not 100% if all of these will have hand controls.)?

Can you book the car rental online and then call several weeks prior to notify them of the need for hand controls? Or is this a situation where I should just call and make the reservation over the phone?

Can anyone tell me the ground to seat height of the following vehicles (or a similar model as these are based on what a specific rental company showed for an option for intermediate and standard SUVs): Ford Escape or a Ford Edge?

While I would love to just get a full-sized car, we do have to consider that I will be hauling around my wheelchair and between 2-4 passengers (most of the time it will just be 2). So, this is why we are debating on the whole SUV vs. Minivan, but we are still trying to go with the cheaper option as well and sometimes those minivans can be pretty spendy. Also, there is the possibility of needing to haul the beach chair that we get which is why I was thinking it would be a bad idea to get a car. I will basically always have passengers I never have to worry about getting my chair out by myself during this trip, so that won't be a factor in the deciding process.