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Thread: Battery Problems

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    If I get it wrong will it damage my volt meter? Other wise I will just poke around until I get the right two pins.
    No, won't damage the meter. First try the two pins in line with each other. Even if you have the positive and negative reversed you'll still get a reading but it'll read the voltage with -.
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    Thanks Rusty very helpful. One more question. What would expect the reading to be? I'd look it up myself but the DME still has my charger and chair, waiting for the new batteries from Pride. Think they're coming by mule train, it's been a week.

    Want to hear a good one, batteries are suppose to be warrantied for a year. This happened after four months so I should have 8 more months of warranty. But they say after the first set goes bad, the second set is only warrantied for ninety days. lol

    As soon as I'm sure the batteries were the problem and not a charger/electrical issue, I'll probably get me a good set of Gels.

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    When bulk charging it should be at least 28 volts, and float at least 26.

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