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Thread: Testicular discomfort

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    Testicular discomfort

    Hi everyone,

    Not sure if this is quite the right place for my question, but it seems reasonably appropriate. I'm a C5/6 a little over a year out from my injury. A month or two ago, I started having this relatively constant sensation like I was sitting on my balls, no better way to describe it. I'm definitely not sitting on them, they don't seem to be inflamed or anything. Also, the sensation goes away when I lie down, but it's rather constant whenever I'm sitting.

    Any idea why this is? Any thoughts on how to relieve it?


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    Cushion type caused same symptom for me several years ago. If your cushion has the raised center (between legs) it will put pressure on your twins and tant (prostrate). I had the center hump cut away. Made it better but not as good as a 4" Roho.

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    My loaner wheelchair from rehab for the last year has had a Roho quattro, and it recently got replaced on my personal chair, freshly delivered, by a Roho hybrid. I've had the problem with both cushions, and would have thought that a Roho would be a surefire way to avoid pressure. But certainly possible that maybe it's not performing as well as I'd like, particularly because the hybrid has a little bit of a ridge up front in the rigid part.

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    I had a kidney stone that made my nuts ache like crazy. Pain transfer or something like that doc told me. Went on for a couple weeks.

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    Great to know, if a little bit scary. I may have a bladder stone, so perhaps that's the culprit. Thanks!

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