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    Visiting a quad, need advice...

    I have started going by a residential care facility near my work on my way home every once in a while. This place is geared toward younger people with severe disabilities that need full time care. Most of them are high level quads or have other disabilities that require them to be on a ventilator. However, there are a few people that are mid-low level quads that just can't afford to live on their own and pay for a caregiver.

    As a mid level para, I'm not as familiar with everything a quad has to deal with as well as what all they can and can't do physically. I met a guy that is a quad (not sure the level) with some arm function and no hand function. He uses a power chair and is able to use his fingers enough to use his iphone. He is in his twenties with no family in this area. So he has no one to get him out and go anywhere. It's an incredibly sad situation and my heart breaks for him.

    I would like to know from you guys, especially other quads with similar injury levels, what are some things that I could bring and/or do with him when I visit? We usually just sit and talk, but he sits there all day with nothing to do, so I thought maybe he would like something to break up the monotony. I didn't know with no hand/finger function what kind of games, cards, etc. he would be able to use? If you were in his situation, what would you like for someone to do for/with you?

    Also, it's difficult for me to talk to him about the struggles I have living with a spinal cord injury, because I want him to know I can relate to some of the things he goes through. But there is such a huge gap between our injury levels/abilities that I don't want it to come across the wrong way either, if that makes sense. Like an able bodied person trying to explain to me how they used a wheelchair for a week after a surgery they had. So any advice on that front would be appreciated as well.
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