Unfortunately because of the presence of two strains of strong bacteria in my bladder I have been receiving intravenous antibiotics (Meropenem) which is being delivered by a picc line as I write this post.

This issue has been going on for two or three months or more. About two weeks ago after being prescribed the antibiotic Bactrim buy my urologist for a UTI/bladder infection I felt somewhat better but as soon as the antibiotics were stopped, the symptoms of a bladder infection returned...pain, bladder spasms and voiding of my bladder especially when I?m sitting up in the chair. After finishing the seven day course of oral antibiotics I submitted another urine culture to be tested. Unfortunately The culture came back with not one, but two strong strains of bacteria as I said before. The urologist said this is the best approach as taking two antibiotics to deal with the two different strains would be harsh on my stomach. I am scheduled to have a Botox procedure on my bladder done on September 16, So the intravenous antibiotics better work.

This is a first for me and hopefully this will help me turn the corner and not have so many bladder problems. Anyone else have similar experiences?