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Thread: Mysterious burn

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    Mysterious burn

    I had a thin red rash from the bottom of my foot to my knee. I went urgent care who said it was lymphangitis and sent me to the ER. They said it was a burn. It was blistering and oozing pus.

    I have no idea how this got burned. I?m thinking maybe I was having soup and some spilled? Maybe from the shower? Has anyone seen this?

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    Sunburn? Cellulitis?

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    it's the backside of your leg, or the front side?
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    It goes from the front of the knee down the inside of the leg ending up at the sole. They say it is a burn and are prescribing burn ointments. They say maybe I spilled soup on the kneecap and the fluid leaked down.

    I am a bit skeptical. I do not remember spilling soup. But maybe.

    it is not sunburn. I thought it was cellulitis but they say it is not.

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    Of it was a burn the fluid from the blisters should be clear. Can you post a photo?
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    I am pretty sure it was a burn. I think it was from hot and sour soup delivery a few days ago. It is starting to heal.

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    Ah, the joyous surprises of SCI.

    I remember one day I was getting ready for bed and realized I had huge blisters on the inside of both my knees. Apparently the coffee id carried between my legs had burned me that morning 16 hours earlier.

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