What?s up guys!

So, I?ve been a c5/c6 quad for 13 years and have used a manual chair since day one and never a power chair. I’m at the point in my injury where I still want to use my manual, but where I live I feel it is limiting my independence.

I live in a rural area of Massachusetts, winters aren?t the kindest here and I?m a youth pastor and many of the outings I take my teens on can be hard to manage in a manual (such as say Apple picking).

I do not know much about power chairs but I just never cared for how bulky they were. I don?t need a whole bunch of fancy bells and whistles, I?m just looking for something that is somewhat compact, and can handle various terrains and weather conditions.

Any power chairs that come to mind I should look into?

Any help would be awesome!