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Thread: waterbeds and bedsore

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    waterbeds and bedsore

    By some accounts, waterbeds date all the way back to 3600 BCE, when Persians filled goat-skin mattresses with water warmed by the sun. In the early 1800s, Dr. Neil Arnott, a Scottish physician, created a ?hydrostatic bed? for hospital patients with bedsores. This was essentially a warm bath covered with a thin layer of rubber and then sealed up with varnish. In 1853, Dr. William Hooper of Portsmouth, England patented a therapeutic rubber mattress that could be filled with water. It, too, was for hospital patients suffering from poor circulation and bedsores. In the mid 20th century, science fiction writer Robert Heinlein?inspired by the months he spent bedridden with tuberculosis in the 1930s? described waterbeds in great detail in three of his novels. The beds he envisioned had a sturdy frame, were temperature-controlled, and contained pumps that allowed patients to control the water level inside the mattress. There were also compartments for drinks and snacks, which sounds really convenient. It was, according to Heinlein, ?an attempt to design the perfect hospital bed by one who had spent too damn much time in hospital beds.?

    I thought this rather neat I had a waterbed for over 20 plus years loved it especially when they got heaters for them

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    INTERESTING factoids.
    did not know this.
    what were pumps for?

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    Back in 60's and 70's nursing homes and some hospitals had water mattresses for hospital beds for patients with ulcers and remember we had guy been burned fairly badly on front, so he mostly laying on his back. Those mattresses were so more heavy!!!
    Don't know if they still make them like that now or not but do believe they make a water mattress overlay.
    We had, like most folks in 70's bought a regular waterbed in 70's whatever size bed you bought the frame that held the water bag/mattress was a 2"X12" framed box for mattress, like taking small boat trip with waves and later got a baffled mattress witch was much better. Think last waterbed we had contained a foam pad inside, much less waves. We had elderly Doberman that loved to lay where she got benefits from the heating pad that suppose to kept whole bed warm but was mostly effective right over pad hence we bought extra waterbed heater so didn't have argue with pup about warm spot. Plus to them was when added drawers to pedestal under frame instead of just useless hollow box.

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