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Thread: 9/11

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    a day of horror and disbelief

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    Simply horrific and despairing.

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    Watched it unfold from the corner of 57 and 7th; direct line of sight with the towers.
    Caught the 1st tower fall on an office TV set and couldn't believe what I was seeing so I ran down 15 floors to the street and up to the corner to make sure it wasn't some hoax.
    I so wish it was.
    In front of me on 7th were cars, cabbies, trucks, and bicyclists all seeming to all come to a sudden and simultaneous stop, everyone jumping from their vehicles; wherever they happened to be at that moment as if they couldn't process what they were seeing thru their windshields.
    Surreal.....the most overused, and understated word here.
    I worked HVAC engineering at the towers years before and was intimately familiar with almost every floor.
    I didn't get home for 3 days, but couldn't help but notice the missing faces from the commuter train platform upon returning to work the following morning. Sad.

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