I joined this forum on Christmas Eve in 2005 when I was in Shreveport after being displaced from Katrina. I quickly found friends that enlivened my life on here in immense ways (even the people I argued with and had some ugly words with I still look back and think fondly of?I forgive easily, just my nature).

I read through some of the old posts and laugh at the good zingers we threw to one another and all the things we discussed. Mon dieu !

I know many have passed on and are no longer with us, and I keep them in my heart. Others maybe don?t come back here much at all because of their lives or whatever reasons they may have had. I was just wondering who is still alive and around living the best they can. I hope everyone is as happy as they can be.

Yes, I realize I?m more sentimental than many; the Portuguese have a word for it: Saudade; I?m stricken with it for life.