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    Anyone out there have had a colonoscopy done? I'm 60 and a T-5 para. I had one done before my injury (2012), but have concerns about it now. Not so much with the actual colonoscopy, but with the prep.

    Will I pass everything without having to do a stim every 10 minutes? Will I have to sit on a toilet chair non stop for hours? Risking pressure sores?

    My biggest fear is triggering autonomic disreflexia episodes and the risk of stroke due to extreme high blood pressure. When my AD triggers (and thank God I haven't had an episode in many years), I sweat, I get uncontrollable chills and my blood pressure rises. I'm afraid that every 10-15 minutes, I will trigger an episode.

    I have seen that some SCI patients actually check themselves in to a hospital overnight and have the nurses worry about clean up. Not fair to them (my daughter is one, so I can relate), but I would at least be somewhere that they can handle a possible stroke.

    Of course, in my experience, few (if any) nurses OR doctors, know anything about AD (I went to the ER once with it and the staff MD had to Google it!)

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    I have had one done since my C7 injury. It was surprisingly easy, not much worse than before my accident. With everything I drank for the clean out, I had no need for digstem. I have a pretty comfortable Activeaid commode and shower chair so I just stayed on that over a bucket in the shower for a few hours. When I reached the point of pure liquid, I got rid of the bucket and stayed in the shower. That way I could rinse myself and keep myself pretty clean to minimize irritation. When I thought I was finished, I transferred to bed on top of a chux. I only had little bit of further drainage overnight.

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    I had one done last year. There's a new prep out that is only 16 or so ounces. Very easy to drink with no horrible aftertaste. It normally cost around 100 dollars but my Internist gave me on at no cost. It didn't take nearly as long to empty out.

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