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Thread: Computer monitor options

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    Computer monitor options

    is there anything new in computer monitors for desktops? My computer guy told me that there were new ones that were more lightweight than my maybe 6 pound one, maybe almost paper thin and borderless. He thought these would be preferable to a projection screen in cost and also because I have multiple monitors. Any thoughts?

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    yes there are a lot of new computer monitors, just depends on your $$$ and the sizes that you want to get. Are you trying to combine multiple monitors into one?

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    will it be gaming, or photo editing, or just general use? 4k, 1440p, or just HD?
    Plus, what graphics are you running? That makes a huge difference, too.
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    As crappler said, what will you be using the monitor for ?
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    You may also want to consider making sure the monitors are VESA compatible so you can attach an arm to your desk (like this), if you aren't already doing this. It gives you a lot more flexibility for positioning your monitors and recovers a good deal of usable desk space.

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