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Thread: Being able to roll on the beach in a power wheelchair!!

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    Being able to roll on the beach in a power wheelchair!!

    As some of you that follow my Wife and I on social media know we just came back from an amazing vacation in New York City.

    One of the big events for us was taking a maiden voyage to walk on the beach in my new Frontier v6 AT.

    So we headed out to Coney Island by subway and the chair was incredible!

    In soft deep sand it rolled right to the waters edge and we rolled around for a good 2 hours, then had lunch at Nathans and did some shopping.

    You would think the deep sand would take its toll on the batteries but we did a 10 mile day and still had 2 green lights!

    I have had some of you message me on the Frontier chairs as I am the new Brand Ambassador for Frontier so if I can answer any questions please let me know.

    They do have a fundable Frontier c73!

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    I hope you've gotten the sand out of the bearings.

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    Bearings are sealed, they should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    I hope you've gotten the sand out of the bearings.
    Thank you..but just FYI had a Frontier x5 for over 10 years and just sold it...we would take beach vacations 3 to 4 times a year and never had an issue with sand.

    Mater of fact one time I was in San Diego walking with my Wife and niece and nephew and lost track taking pictures of were I was at the the waves and got hit by a big wave.

    It was so deep water was over my lap!

    Lucky for me a bung of joggers pushed me to dry sand and I my friend Todd at Innovation in Motion...he said not to worry give it a little time to dry out and then start it back up, sure enough it started to roll but was in a inhibit but still able to roll back to the street, on the way back to the hotel it dried up more and rolled normal speed.

    We fly back to Arizona and blew out most of the sand and the x5 worked great for 3 more years and we just sold it to a family in Florida.

    Frontier make a robust chair and I have never had an issue or problem that need a repair.

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    Salt water around a powerchair is never a good idea, you're really pushing the parameters of intended use.

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    While reading this post, I remembered that my GJ posted this story to another post, a time ago. Just thought I'd bring it back for an encore.
    See post 4 at

    I posted this story a while back, but worth repeating here. Moral of the story, don't challenge a walrus to a "water pistol" duel if you have a power chair. That said, tongue in cheek, I've been caught in a rain of two in London that got me, NL, and my manual chair soaking wet and it was never worse for the wear. Here is a thread about problems others have had when their power chairs get wet:

    Many, many, many years ago, I had a electric "wheelchair" called a "Sparky." It was supposed to give me more freedom on rough terrain. Well is was never very good on rough terrain, whatever that was supposed to have meant. However, NL and I were living in Los Angeles, and Marineland of the Pacific in Ranchos Palos Verdes was still open. We were strolling through the park and stopped at the Walrus enclosure. These creatures were very close and could come up to the level we were on and you could reach out and rub their scruffy, brillo pad noses. They were soooo cute, but they had a secret weapon. These creatures could squirt water from their mouths that was about as powerful as water coming from a fire hose. I was sitting close to the fence rubbing one of those scruffy little beards, when SPLASH, POW, WHAM, of those dear creatures hosed me and my "Sparky" with sea water. I was soaked and so was the chair. NL and I didn't think much about it at the time. I dried off without any problem and when we got home, we parked the chair with its charger in our garage. It was probably a month later, when we were going to use the "Sparky" again. But, all of the electronics and controllers were corroded with that salt water esposure and NOTHING worked.

    Ended up having to take it to the shop for repairs that were more expensive than the silly chair was actually worth. But we did get a few more years and "expeditions" out of it.

    Bottom line, wheelchair electronics and water do not mix!

    Thanks for reading it again.

    PS: Everyday, almost constantly during the day, I feel like someone is punching me in the stomach. Without exception, GJ's passing is the hardest, most painful thing I have every endured.

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    First to NL You are honoring GJ in a very special way by posting and re-posting useful info here. Thank you for that!

    As far as sand goes and that frontier v6 that is kind of amazing to me as i know if i took my M3 Perm onto the beach i would prob need a wrecker to tow me out...

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    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    John - How do you clean it off? Can you hose off the tracks and rollers?
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