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    Box everyday wcmx

    I might be getting a Wcmx off-road variation everyday chair. Searched the forums and haven?t found much information on box. What is everyone?s concenus on box chairs. If you were getting new chair what would you add or not add? What have you always wanted to add but never have for any reason. For example I?m having a wheelie bar that I can install and un install quickly because I do CrossFit and I?m tired of throwing my front legs off or finding/ weight or dumbbell to put on front.

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    I think a freewheel would be a cool addition, especially given the tiny casters most Box chairs seem to be sporting (based solely on pictures I've seen).

    Someone (a quick google search doesn't lead me to the right place) makes a reversible hill holder device that can be used in the traditional way (so you don't roll backwards down a hill when you stop pushing), but that can be reversed very easily so that it prevents the wheels from rolling forward, while still allowing them to spin backwards for hauling yourself up stairs backwards in a chair. If you're the kinda dude who rolls around in a 1971 Barracuda and buys a Box wheelchair you might be the kinda dude who's on the more adventurous side and could utilize something like that.

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    I wish I was a dude rolling in a cuda. Unfortunately the only cuda I can get is a forum name and a die cast. But if your not dreaming your not living! Can’t believe all these views and your the only one with a comment. Usually people have an opinion like explosive diarrhea and can’t help a response coming out.

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    I'm not sure I understand what an off-road wcmx chair is. They are two very different chairs. Regardless, Box makes nice chairs so I don't think you can go wrong with them. I can't think of anything I would add to a chair that isn't currently available though.

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    It has the same frame as a wcmx skate chair but with different casters and rear wheels according to the emai I got from Allison Box.

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