L1 Burst fracture injury. I can use thigh muscles in my legs enough to stand and make transfers easy. I have sensation on the tops of my thighs, nowhere else below the waist.
My problem is my leg pain during the day. After sleeping, it is lower, and as soon as I start sitting upright, the pain grows and grows throughout the day. I'm currently on 1800mg of gabapentin per day, plus oxy, but I'm thinking about dropping the gabapentin since it doesn't help that day pain.

I don't describe the pain as burning, but I associate it more as I recall wearing shoes that were about 2 sizes too small. It starts off annoying, and the ache gets worse and worse. If I REALLY focus on a certain spot, trying to describe the pain... It lessens in that particular spot, but comes back immediately when I move my concentration to a different spot.

I've tried cannabis, different strains with edibles or vaping, and it doesn't do anything. Sometimes 3 shots of alcohol works, but that seems like a really dark path and I, so far, refuse to use alcohol for pain relief.

The pain is highest on my ass, but exists everywhere I have no sensation. Like I said, it gets worse and worse as the day goes on until I lie down (at which time other pains kick in, but that isn't what I want to talk about)

Does anyone else describe their pain this way? If so, have you found anything that helps?

If I stand, it hurts far less when I do so, but the pain is immediately back when I stop standing