Just curious what others do about or even buy regular AB furniture?
Our furniture we replaced about 18 years ago. It's still in good shape, just collects dust mostly. We had cause still had living relatives and few friends that visited.
Now my last brother and his wife pasted away15 and 10 years ago. Friends with age and Mama and I moving away from last area we were active with past co-works/friends more than 12 years ago we have no visitors. Besides this home is smaller, only 1300sq feet.
Nephews and their grown kids have lives in multiple states all very far away. Hadn't seen any of thenm in over 10 years since funeral. They good kids they call at time and say polite things will visit soon, etc.
Doubt by now these visits will ever happen and we are not able travel see them either. My wife has family living all in poor health and unable to travel either.

So, AB furniture I see is just junk taking up space. Mama has come around to this as well. We are thinking about trying donate or call junk hauling service to just rid all AB house sitting furniture and regular beds in extra bedrooms. We already got rid of dinning chairs, etc that was in way via junk haulers a couple years ago and since we now eat at overbed tables over our powerchairs figure dump table, too.

So, ya'll have AB furniture or just mobility/DME equipment as furniture?

"Thanks" for you time and any advice, especially flaws in our thinking in this situation.