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Thread: New TRA = Victory

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    If you're going to use a dremel, I would highly recommend the ez lock discs. You can replace them by hand without having to use a flathead screwdriver on their regular discs that have a screw at the end of the shaft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    What did you use to cut off the protruding portions of the axle mounts? I've got a lot of excess there, and I think it looks bad in addition to getting in the way.

    I just ordered a dremel, and I'm gonna use it to chop off part of the caster forks (not sure if that's the right word, but I keep using it), like I was talking about earlier, but I'm not sure which kind of dremel tool will be best for cutting aluminum... or deburring it after I cut it for that matter.

    I may have misspoke, they're not frog legs caster forks, just regular ones, but the wide casters.
    I think I stuck them in the vice and cut them with my sawzall or I may have used a right angle 4" grinder with a cutoff wheel. (you can cut aluminum with a carbide disc/cutoff wheel, but it's not like cutting steel. More like melt and discharge)

    The Dremel probably is fine for the relatively thin caster forks; I'd pull the wheels before doing and you'll need to hold it stationary somehow.
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    I've used a hacksaw to cut my aluminum footrest. Then file down the edges. I'm sure it would work fine for the fork. Far less expensive than a Dremel.

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