Finally, after years of battle with numerous insurance companies and DMEs, the new ride has arrived.

Not a fancy picture like some of yall can pull off, and definitely not a lot of color on this chair, but I'm pretty stoked to finally have it.

TRA with 559 Spinergy XLXs wearing Schwalbe marathons
AIR breatheable back - pretty comfortable from my little test drive, and it comes built in with a back pocket, which is super handy.
Titanium handrims - these look really slick as they're currently a nice even satin, but I can already tell they're not going to look that pretty for long
Solid seat pan - my first
Stimulite Contour XS cushion
Already reversed the side guards to give myself an extra quarter inch of room (13" wide is a tight squeeze for my 6 foot frame).

I'm pretty excited. I've been looking forward to getting a new chair for the past 4 years, and engaged in fearsome battle with local DMEs and my insurance company for the past 32 months, but it finally happened.

Time to strip off all the stickers and get to work.
1. Gotta dial in the COG, I'm able to put the COG waaaay more forward than my previous ZRA is.
2. Gonna wrap every bit of frame I can with a paracord wrap, because going from Z frame to box frame is undoubtedly gonna result in me dropping the chair one or two dozen times while getting in/out of the car. Might as well keep her looking as nice as possible for as long as possible
3. Need to figure out why the frog leg casters aren't spinning as freely as they can, I suspect they're just overtightened.
4. I have to work on making my little under-knee bag fit properly, and if I can't finding another alternative. I'm gonna pop off the front two bolts from the solid seat pan to see if I can slide the straps of my bag up underneath there. The seat pan has so many bolts, surely it doesn't need all of them?
5. My most ambitious plan for the new chair is gonna be cutting some custom profiled side guards out of carbon fiber. I gotta find someone who has the tools to cut it to shape since I live in a studio apartment with no powertools, other than that seems like it will be a pretty easy project.
6. If I get brave, I'm thinking about replacing a single inner spoke on each wheel, one with a blue spoke and one with a white spoke... an homage to the colors of my people (Heels and Panthers). Definitely gonna let a bike shop tackle this job, truing polymer spokes is outside of my comfort zone. Kind of a shame to peel off these incredibly difficult to mount Schwalbe's when you don't need to replace them yet. Maybe I'll buy a couple spokes and do it with the first tire change.
7. Probably I'll never get around to it, but once I get it all dialed in, if the dump stays where it currently is, I have a lot of excess metal from the adjustable portion of the dump mechanism, so I could have someone saw that off for me to save a couple ounces and give it a slightly sleeker profile.