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Thread: New TRA = Victory

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    If you're going to use a dremel, I would highly recommend the ez lock discs. You can replace them by hand without having to use a flathead screwdriver on their regular discs that have a screw at the end of the shaft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    What did you use to cut off the protruding portions of the axle mounts? I've got a lot of excess there, and I think it looks bad in addition to getting in the way.

    I just ordered a dremel, and I'm gonna use it to chop off part of the caster forks (not sure if that's the right word, but I keep using it), like I was talking about earlier, but I'm not sure which kind of dremel tool will be best for cutting aluminum... or deburring it after I cut it for that matter.

    I may have misspoke, they're not frog legs caster forks, just regular ones, but the wide casters.
    I think I stuck them in the vice and cut them with my sawzall or I may have used a right angle 4" grinder with a cutoff wheel. (you can cut aluminum with a carbide disc/cutoff wheel, but it's not like cutting steel. More like melt and discharge)

    The Dremel probably is fine for the relatively thin caster forks; I'd pull the wheels before doing and you'll need to hold it stationary somehow.
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    I've used a hacksaw to cut my aluminum footrest. Then file down the edges. I'm sure it would work fine for the fork. Far less expensive than a Dremel.

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    After a couple months of daily use I have to say titanium handrims are well worth the extra cost to me thus far.

    I doubt they’re any lighter than aluminum (I have a pair of Al ones to compare to if I ever pull them off the wheels), but they feel much less... slimy? I don’t know how to say it. But the same time as I got my new chair with new wheels and Ti handrims I replaced the handrims on the old wheels with brand new (cheap) Al ones. Pushing with the Al handrims feels like there’s always a tiny amount of powder between my hand and the rims. It’s not quite slippery, but it’s tough to get a good grip.

    i don’t know if that has anything to do with the entire reason why I went with titanium this time around or not. Basically I only did it because my old Al handrims have been staining my hands black for years.

    either way I’m a fan thus far, and expect it to be worth the extra $400 or so I paid in the long run.

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    In all likelihood, that 'dusty' feeling is actual aluminum oxide dust. Some people's body chemistry is such that using aluminum push rings exacerbates the build up and leads to "black hand" in the worst cases. Others can use them fine.

    Those Ti rings are undoubtedly heavier than equally made Al ones, since Ti is atomically far heavier. Unless those walls are made very very thin, of course, but I kind of doubt it, since pushrings take a lot of direct impact abuse. Would be curious (and thankful) for some factual data if you've ever got them off at the same time.
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