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Thread: smart drive replacement battery how much?

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    Where is the place that you got the batteries at? Hard to find that sometimes. Great job. Thank you!

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    This doesn?t exactly help, but I have both a SmartDrive and a set of Alber Emotion M15 power assist wheels. They both were purchased used and fortunately the SmartDrive is still under warranty and new, so I am hoping the battery lasts a good while. I got the SmartDrive because the Alber wheels are too heavy even though I like them. Before I got the SmartDrive, the M15 batteries finally wouldn?t charge anymore and the price for those are $859 for one, and we needed two.

    My husband decided to try and rebuild the batteries and we found a place that sold him the individual cells needed (24 for each wheel) at cost, because it was mentioned he was rebuilding for my wheelchair. So it ended up costing us $350 total, and a success. I still use them daily on a second manual chair because we live in a three story house where I have two manual chairs on two different levels and a power chair for the ground floor and getting around outside.

    We?re hoping that we can rebuild the SmartDrive battery when the time comes on the because the replacement cost is a lot of money.
    I?m just sharing this in case the idea of rebuilding batteries is helpful to anyone who might read this. There certainly is a need for a more reasonable option especially when income is basically disability benefits many of us live on. I?m hoping more people that could rebuild these batteries would be out there. We got the idea because I saw the rebuild discussion on a disability forum and a guy that apparently used to do this for people on the older Emotion M12 wheels, but he seemed to have disappeared.

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    Hi. Remember that my husband rebuilt the battery for both of my Alber E-Motion M15 wheels and not the SmartDrive MX2+.
    He probably will attempt a rebuild on the SmartDrive when the time comes because he thinks it ?might? be easier than the Alber rebuild, ?if? he can get the SmartDrive apart and opened in the first place.
    He has a good soldering iron also.,,
    On the batteries he bought after finding out what he needed by taking apart my wheels, he read here and there online, that cheaper batteries are risky especially from China because the specs are not always trustworthy as stated in the listing.
    He ended up buying the Samsung brand. The brand and model number of the original battery wasn?t available that the Alber wheels had..
    He ordered the Samsung batteries from We don?t have the name of the man that gave us a good price unfortunately. Or which location.
    I hope you have success and please keep all of us posted on the rebuild!

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