I'm interviewing for jobs to start next summer. There's one I really like in Denver, but I've never (pre or post injury) lived in any kind of place where it regularly snows.

I've lived most of my life in the Carolinas so it might snow once or twice a year and immediately melt, every couple years there will be a bad ice storm and everything shuts down. If it's below freezing and it looks like there's a possibility of precipitation they'll close all the schools for a week and everyone apparently feels the need to eat five loaves of bread and drink three gallons of milk each (never did understand that one).

I'm a mid-30s T-8 complete who drives a Honda Accord and gets around via a manual wheelchair. The potential job would be in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, which seems pretty much in the heart of Denver to me, and I would probably live within 1-2 miles because I prefer a downtown type lifestyle.

But my job would absolutely 100%, no fail, require me to get there every single day. Like I'm responsible for people's lives and there is no one to back me up if I can't make it in for any reason.

Driving across presumably well plowed streets of the inner city in snow doesn't frighten me, but if there is a lot of ice and slipperiness, I'm not sure I could handle that both in my car and in my wheelchair.

Any of y'all lived in Denver? Care to share how bad the weather is there?

Or any of you northerners, how do you get around in snow or ice?

I'm thinking worst case scenario if it's trecherous outside I could call an Uber and make them do the driving, getting me door to door... surely Uber doesn't stop functioning just because the weather is bad... right?