Rear drive, real 4 wheel independent suspension w/adjustable shocks
ALL 4 POWER OPTIONS, elevate, tilt, recline, legs.
Only 2 cosmetic flaws; very slight white paint marks on rt caster arm and left arm rest.
NO CRACKS ANYWHERE, this includes joystick and armrests.
LIKE NEW, 23 MILES. NO issues/codes. NO funky programming.
$1700, add $100 if you want Roho Quadtro included.
Seat pan 18" x 18"
PM for pics until I post some (if possible).
Price is dirt cheap (look around), not trying to profit, just recouping some disability expenses.
You will have hard time finding a cheaper C350. Elevate option is $1500 if purchased new so you do the math on how this is a great deal.
Every power chair user needs a back up or a chair that can operate outside (which the rear drive C350 can do).
Never any BS on anything I sell. Flaws get as much description/attention as pros.
If you want it shipped (which is affordable considering sale price), I will hand it to whoever you send.
Location: Leeds, AL 35094