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Thread: Cleaning upholstery

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    Cleaning upholstery

    This came to mind today as I removed the seat covers from the Quickie Shark. The seat back upholstery is new and clean while the seat base cover looks like it needs some attention. Not messy, just that appearance that comes from long use. Besides, someone elses' back-side has been there and I'm not into sharing
    The foam squab inner pads will get attention for the new start also.

    What methods do others use to wash and dry their chair upholstery. A special cleaner or just the bog standard rub a dub dub?
    Do you do this a a regular regime or only as the need arises?

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    I have a roho so I pull the cover off and rinse the base in the shower and either rinse the cover in the tub or put it in the washing machine. I would look on line to see what is recommended for yours.

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    I just wipe it down with any cleaner I have on hand like 409 or even windex as needed. The hard part is the wheels and casters. Steam cleaning works well. It would also work well for upholstery. You could try Armor All or a vinyl paint to prolong life.

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    Hard surfaces cleaned with cleaner that have tested in area to be sure will not damage equipment.
    Any ROHO or cushion goes in showerchair sprayed down with disinfectant, then cleaner, if can scrub with cloth and cleaner and rinsed via handheld shower. Turn fan on it to dry. Afterwards respray with disinfectant and let dry.
    Seat, back covers go though washer.
    Some materials not suitable for heavy water usage so disinfectant and then stream cleaning.
    Any rubber and plastic after cleaning and disinfectant gets the Armor All shine.
    Wheels cleaned and clean down in to get hair, etc out of casters with good disinfectant spray down.
    Footplate rubber covers if possible come off to clean them and the base under them plus disinfectant spray.

    BTW if look at used piece of equipment for sale and it's nasty just keep going. They didn't bother to clean to sale you know it ain't likely never been cleaned!

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    Are you talking about the chair upholstery or the cushion/cushion cover?

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    Who is that question addressed to August?
    I have my upholstery covers soaking in some warm water.
    I'll give them some further attention with a touch of laundry detergent today.

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    It was a general question to all. Because it seems there is some mix up. The seat and back have upholstery. The cushion has a cover, not upholstery. Just to clarify so we're all talking about the same thing.

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    OK, lost in translation. I am cleaning the seat cushion cover, the seat back foam cover and the sling upholstery on the Shark recumbent.

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    Got it. Obviously, my initial post was about the sling upholstery. That's the part that you have to work at cleaning. The covers just go in the washer. If that doesn't work (yuk), time for a new cover.

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