Acute rehab is the term used for an inpatient rehabilitation program at an IRF (Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility under Medicare regulations) that a person with a (usually) newly acquired disability goes through, which provides a minimum of 3 hours of therapy (PT, OT, and speech pathology included). This is to differentiate it from sub-acute rehab (done in a nursing home) where 1 hour of therapy is generally given daily, or a post-acute rehab program which is generally an outpatient exercise program which is usually private pay, and only occasionally provided by PTs or OTs. ADL (activities of daily living) training is generally a part of only the first two.

I was not aware that Rotary does anything with post-polio survivors. In my experience, they don't do anything for SCI. In my area, Kiwanis does support disability sports programs such as skiing, but again, they don't provide ADL equipment.