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    we are not in a flood zone, our home is in the one no flood zone in the area rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    On Monday when Dorian was a tropical depression was telling someone that after living here since age 14 this is the first one that concerns me.

    After a hurricane, when the power goes out on the beach, they give away the beer because they can't sell it. Too old to drink warm beer and have no air-conditioning, growing up changes your perspective and priorities.

    Don't live on the beach anymore, but right over the river and three blocks from the Lagoon, thank goodness no moon for a high tide hit.

    Checked the generator and the battery had exploded. A friend cleaned it up and installed a new one, still had the local shop come check it out.

    My UPS powers the computer, monitor and a power strip (remote control) containing my core computer system components. When the house had no power at all my core components ran fine off the UPS (Internet, monitor, etc.) and will for 34 minutes. The generator kicks on after 15 minutes of no power, so good to go.

    Have double French doors in the kitchen which open onto my back patio that need to be boarded up. If they blew wide open, there is a chance the roof would blow off.

    Have pre-cut plywood with holes and numbered for the windows with existing sinks in the cinderblock walls. Do not think will need to put them up because of the existing hurricane windows (145 mph) installed after buying the house. Will reassess on Monday, do the French doors tomorrow.

    A friend of mine who lives across the street from the beach is going to bug out to my spare bedroom bringing beer. Never had someone stay with me during a hurricane before, promptings me to purchase some steaks and charcoal now that labor is available.

    Got canned beans and corn, cases of Ensure, several single malts and will hit the bakery on Sunday or Monday morning. May be a good time to smoke a turkey, or grill some steaks on Wednesday, probably both.

    The only thing left to do is put the garbage cans and lounge chair in the garage and wait, in the center of the cone of uncertainty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    do u guys hunker down or leave?? from what i understand its worse evacuating for us than riding it out
    CAT 2 or 3 we stay. Cat 3 plus = you need a plan and execute it sooner than later. We evacuated for Michael last year. Dorian gets in the Gulf anyone in the panhandle who stayed for Michael will be gone.

    Think about what you need electricity for and plan for two weeks without it. This one can be compared to Andrew. When watching the predictions you get in the "Anywhere but here" mode. Better to have evacuated and not needed to then to wish you had left when your house is flexing and Jim Cantore is broadcasting in your neighborhood.
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    you might look at the adapative shelters I stayed at 1 2 times it was great considering the furnished cots u furnish bedding take take towels wash clothes etc they feed you chow was pretty good to but then I eat my own cooking if you have a dog they had a room where they stayed but needed papers

    propane generator great if you stay pretend your camping whatever you would take get

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    Just have all of you in my heart and thoughts...hoping to hear that all of you come out the other side of the rabbit hole, unscathed.

    No doubt, there will be more storms and alerts to deal with since we are just beginning the storm season.

    Peace and the Force be with all of you,

    GJ's NL

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    Well fellow SCI, who's is the line of impact, S Carolina?

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