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Thread: My FIRST PowerChair, please help me avoid mistakes.

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    My FIRST PowerChair, please help me avoid mistakes.

    Aug 2019

    First-time Powerchair purchaser, my daughter, 35yr old. C3 Spinal tumor, operated 8 yrs ago, partial removal, chemo and radiation. Was still walking and driving in Feb '19 but tumor issues have her ordering the first powerchair. She has very little arm strength must be assisted for transfers, so not a driver (yet, maybe someday). Deficit free from the neck up. Probably not able to work (no driving). Feel free to provide links to other sources.

    What features should I get that you wish you would have gotten if you were getting your First Powerchair now?

    Getting the most from Insurance.
    Vendor pricing on non -covered features? Negotiable?
    Transport? HOW ?.TMI with vehicles and trailers and hydraulic seats and ramps. What way did you settle upon.. ( trying to minimize missteps and buy the proper solution first)
    Tilt and recline. (apparently covered due to pressure abrasions)
    Elevation? Necessary or not

    Thanks so much for any thoughts you have as I am on overload.
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