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Thread: Something I created/designed

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    Something I created/designed

    As a wheelchair user I have grown tired of dropping items (drinks, pens, keys etc.) and not being able to retrieve them on my own. This item was made out if necessity to not have to ask family, friends or strangers to pick up something I dropped. This item is a paracord travel grabber that can easily be taken with you on the go.

    Watch the video here:
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    "You need permission" to view this video, just FYI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    "You need permission" to view this video, just FYI.
    Sorry I?m new to this. Try it now

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    I hope the video is working

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    It’s working for me

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    I have dropped the price to $25 if anyone is interested

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    I'd take a grabber, just b/c it's cool and I appreciate thoughtful people, but I prefer to purchase direct, not an esty fan.

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    Thank you. You can purchase direct just send me a private message.

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