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Thread: Ride Designs cushions post- flap surgery

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    Ride Designs cushions post- flap surgery

    Hello all,

    I'm a C5 / C6 incomplete about 14 months out from my injury, and trying to nail down the details for my first manual chair. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to get myself a nasty pressure sore shortly after discharging last year, and it led to flap surgery early this year. As a result, I've been put on a Roho cushion, but I don't really like the fact that it's so mushy and hard to transfer on and off of / adjust positions on. It almost feels like it's pretty good for everyone, but not great for anyone. A friend advised me to look at Ride Designs cushions, and from what I read I like what I see. However, I'm nervous that with post- flap surgery they wouldn't be as ideal as they would be in a more preventive situation. Does anyone else in this situation use a Ride Designs cushion? Would it be wise to look at something like the Java, which looks like it would be ideal for transfers, or do you think one of the custom cushions be a necessity given the damage I've already done? Obviously, this is all dependent on pressure mapping!

    Thank you all!
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    If those are your only complaints about the Roho, you might consider looking into the Roho Hybrid Elite. It has the standard Roho air cells for the back half, but rigid foam for the front half, contoured to fit the back of your legs. So when you're doing a transfer, your hand gets to push off of a very solid surface but the parts of you where we are normally concerned about pressure sores are supported by the air cells. I used a Roho Hybrid Elite for 8 years until I switched to a Ride Designs Java to offer better alignment of my lower spine which had developed some scoliosis. The ride design seat is excellent at off-loading your sit bones and coccyx. Basically you're sitting in a hole so those areas get no pressure at all. So depending on where your skin breakdown was, the Ride Designs seat might be a good fit for you. My only complaint with it is that, because I'm sitting in a hole, it's more difficult to scoot forward the little bit in preparation for a transfer or to cath. That's a pretty minor complaint.
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    I love my roho elite been on it 5 years, had small leak last week so had to use a different roho. Ugg realized I needed to get a replacement for the air cell part so if anything happens to this one I have a backup.

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    I also went from a Roho hybrid elite to a Ride Design Java cushion because of a pressure sore. Just be aware on Ride cushions that because your butt bones float, the pressure is redistributed, and in my case to the hip bones (trochanters). That being said, I haven't had any issues with my skin in these areas, I just make sure to check them often. I have no complaints about the Java cushion. It will be on my next chair too.

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    I use a Ride Custom for hip obliquity. I like it for much more. It stays cool. No pressure sores. It's light and simple which makes it easy to move, wash, put in the car. It holds you in a fixed position. Which is great but can be challenging for transfers. Mostly it's good. The fitting is very important. One thing to pay attention to is the height. They tend to be on the taller side. That means that you may have to lower your wheelchair height or else you could hurt your shoulders from sitting too high. If you don't have an adjustable chair, then you may have a problem.

    I use a shedding blade and/or an electric carving knife (like the ones you use for Thanksgiving turkeys) to modify them. I've cut mine around the front to lower it for easier transfers. But I wouldn't cut the part that I sit in. Ride could. They can always trim it after it's made.
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