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Thread: Subacute care in central New Jersey

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    Subacute care in central New Jersey

    Does anyone know of a place with perhaps younger people, like maybe military people, in the Trenton ? New Brunswick New Jersey area? My wound problems ( are continuing. This all is happening on my Roho mattress topper, which has served my 75 to 86 pound atrophied self just fine the last 3+ years (while a LAL manager send me back to rehab). I?m thinking I might have to get admitted someone to get an air fluidized mattress. But I would love to get good therapy while I heal my wounds.. And I wouldn?t mind playing cards with people within 20 years of my age.

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    A little ways up 287 to the Morristown Memorial Hospital Wound Healing Center (973 971 4550, 435 South St, Suite 320, Morristown) but IMO worth the trip.
    Dr Robert Skerker is the director and an old spinal doc who is straightforward to a fault!
    Also active with them is Dr Dan Pyo who is a very regarded flap surgeon.
    Sorry to say, I've had experience with both and would highly recommend them!

    My experience informs my medical decisions (I'm the poster child for medical-mal). If you're on my team you need to be proficient, have integrity, and communicate well! I trust these two!
    Good luck and keep in touch.
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