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Thread: My update on Shingrix Vaccine

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    My update on Shingrix Vaccine

    I remembered that GJ had participated in a discussion about the newer shingles vaccine, Shingrix at:

    This is my recent experience with Shingrix as an update.
    A year ago, I had cataract surgeries for both eyes over a two month period. The eye drop medications to prepare the eyes for cataract surgery are pretty expensive and since my Medicare Part D deductible was close to being met, it seemed like a good idea to try to get the Shingrix vaccine. Pharmacies in our area were out of stock but had waiting lists. I got on a waiting list. A couple days ago, just shy of a year of getting on a waiting list, I got a call from a local Walgreens pharmacy that my name came up to receive the first of two vaccinations. Since there still is a shortage of distribution of this drug, I decided to get it, even though I wasn't close to meeting my Part D deductible this year

    I got the first vaccination yesterday. I paid $166.00. I'll be eligible for the second vaccination as of October 15, 2019 and likely will pay $166.00 for that one as well. My deductible will then be close to being met, but I will have paid, $332 out of pocket. The pharmacist told me that even through the shortage continues, they try to give priority to people who need to get the second vaccination within the suggested six month repeat cycle.

    My arm started to get pretty sore, red and swollen about 4 hours after the intramuscular injection. Through the night I felt "flu-ish," achy muscles, a bit of a headache, some chills, mild upset stomach, tired. This morning, I am getting started pretty slowly, still feeling "flu-ish," not my typical high energy self. My arm, at the injection site, is really sore and swollen, rolling over on it in the night woke me up several times.

    From what I have read, injection site swelling and soreness is pretty typical and the other symptoms occur about half the time. Maybe these symptoms are hitting me a little harder than they normally would since I am not quite my robust self just two weeks after GJ's passing.

    Shingrix is a recombinant vaccine. It is not a live vaccine like the original shingles vaccine Zostavax.

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    NL, what you're experiencing seems to be common with that vaccine -

    It might be worthwhile to call and ask the pharmacist how long you can expect the symptoms to last.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    Thanks for the information NL. I am at an age where I plan to get a shingles vaccine. I am hearing too many stories of people getting shingles, spreading to the eyes and other complications.

    Agree with Bonnette, sometimes I find pharmacists to be more informed and helpful than Doctors have time to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnette View Post
    NL, what you're experiencing seems to be common with that vaccine -

    It might be worthwhile to call and ask the pharmacist how long you can expect the symptoms to last.
    When the pharmacist gave me the injection, she said if I experienced the flu type symptoms, they would go away in 1-3 days. If it goes beyond that I will definitely talk to someone about it. Actually, once I got up, washed my hair and put on a little make-up, I was feeling a good deal better than when I woke up. My mother always said, if you can manage to get up and put on your eyebrows, you'll always feel better. Mom's know best!

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    NL- I had similar "flu-like" symptoms that lasted for 2-3 days after the first injection I'm due to get part 2 mid-late next week (if the Pharmacy still has it in stock). Hopefully it won't be as sore and achy the second time around.

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    Glad the effects are starting to wear off, NL.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    Same for wife and i 2/3 days of feeling horrible.

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    I had the second injection 3 days ago.
    To quote an old song lyric from the 60's, it was "Second verse, same as the first"
    Aches, swelling and redness in the injection arm.
    Ibuprofen and ice packs didn't do much.
    Its been steadily getting better though.
    Now, lets hope it works.

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