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Thread: C6 quads solo paragliding?

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    C6 quads solo paragliding?

    I?m wondering if there?s any other c6 quads on here who fly solo. My level is c5/6 but I function as a c6 complete. I?ve had a couple solo flights after tandem training and of course ground handling but would like to improve my control.

    The issue is of course not being able to fully flare which is important for landing, or killing the wing on the ground. The chair I used has really nice suspension and I flare decently so landings have been super smooth so far. But as I progress I want to be able to fly comfortably in more demanding conditions and more range on the breaks is needed.

    Has anyone thought this through? I?m wondering about some sort of inverted pulley off the chair? It?d give me full biceps range but I think would feel really unintuitive, especially to begin. The other idea is a mechanical winch I could activate with my mouth or something. Less desirable as mistakenly hitting it in the air could easily result in a completely collapsed, unflyable wing. Also electronics fail and that?s not ideal given how little margin for error there is.

    If anyone out there flys at the same level injury and has figured this out, tips would be appreciated!

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    I'm impressed. I did some tandem hang gliding (tow launch by ultralight) and had a blast, but solo paragliding is pretty impressive for a C6.
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    Have you tried taking a wrap (looping the brake line around your hand to shorten them) or two.
    That should help with both issues.

    Have you contacted Chris Santacroce at Project Airtime ?
    Chris would definitely have some good advice and would love to help.


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    Jezza in New Zealand is an experienced soloist.
    C-6/7 incomplete

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