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Thread: Pacifica and hand controls

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    Pacifica and hand controls

    Plan on buying a Pacifica. One question I hope someone has an answer to. Do you eliminate the ability to use the telescoping and tilt due to hand controls? That happened with my Odyssey. If they are in a fixed position can the telescoping be fixed in fully extended? Thanks

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    Just picked up a Pacifica a couple weeks ago. Yep, Tilt and telescoping are disabled. I miss my old T&C Limited tilt feature. Also don't like how the turn signals are located. It's a really nice van though and glad I went with Pacifica..

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    I also, have a Pacifica and confirm that telescoping is disabled. Also, like Patrick - - i think the van is terrific.

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    Can you choose the position they are in?

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    Who did everyone's conversion? I'm considering one in my dealer only carries Braun conversions.

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    I'm planning on ROLLX. I heard VMI changes the suspension and it looks like it. Don't like Braun at all.

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    We have a 2009 RollX and would be hard pressed to purchase a RollX again. We had to buy multiple sets of tires (at around 25-30,000miles) during the lifetime of the vehicle....that was our first clue that something was wrong and had the suspension tightened up but still many problems. It all came to a head when we were heading out of town and experienced a total failure of the rear suspension. Luckily, we were going at a slow speed close to home when it happened and not in the middle of nowhere going 70+ with a powerchair on board.

    Was it a one off? A bad egg? Don't know. It was a really scary experience and we are currently looking at a Pacifica too....most likely VMI.

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    VMI only sells infloor. Braun sells infloor and fold out. Only fold out in the 10" version. A few of the manufacturers are discontinuing the 10" drop floor and only going with a 12-14" drop depending on man. and make of van. I went with the 10" drop, after having to deal with them dropping my original van with a 13" drop, along with a Braun fold out.

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    Domosoyo, Sorry to hear that. They have been virtually trouble free for 3 vans(15 years). I have an interesting story about wearing out tires. My current van, a Rollx Honda Oddyssey had only one significant issue in the 6 1/2 years I have owned. My tires had a terrible wear on the inside rear tires. It was frustrating and everyone told me put Michelin's on they will last longest. At $900 a pop I was wearing them out every 18,000-20,000 miles. After burning through 3 sets of Michelins I decided to put a set of Continentals on at half the price. I'm 16,000 miles and virtually no wear anywhere on tires. So much for so called experts.

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    My experience with the steering wheel is if you talk to the installer and set the wheel where you want it to remain they will do the install there. but the movement will be disabled

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