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Thread: wow what a neat guy

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    Absolutely! That’s so cool.
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    I know a few amputees/people born without full limbs and all of them are so positive and down-to-earth. Nowadays so many perfectly able people act so entitled, complain about everything and are incredibly selfish. When I got injured 10 years ago I was very resentful and was lucky to have met a young guy who completely flipped my way of thinking. At the age of 11 his legs and all his fingers were amputated due to a staph infection. Always has a smile on his face, I have never heard him complain once about anything. His attitude (thanks to his awesome mom) is that life is a gift and cherish every day. I gave my head a good shake the day I met him and try hard not to look back. There are certainly some amazing "super-abled" people out there!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    That was a kickass video. Thanks for sharing it.

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