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Thread: Bladder problems/UTI?s

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    Bladder problems/UTI?s

    I’ve had bladder problems on and off that involves pain from bladder spasms and voiding. Having your pants get soaked while you are trying to live your life or when you’re out in public is not fun.

    I do have Botox bladder injections done every 5 to 6 months, which I?ll be having again in about a month from now. My urologist has said The voiding problem is likely due to bladder spasm in and the need to have Botox injections done again.
    Most days I try to drink around 80 ounces of water. Also, the catheter is changed with a sterile changing kit about every week and a half to two weeks.
    For bladder meds I take - mybetriq er 50 mg, toltordine er 50 mg and pyridium if needed for pain. Also, urologist prescribed sterile saline for bladder flushing 2 to 3 times per week

    With all this said, whenever a culture of my urine is tested it still comes back with the presence of one, sometimes two, bacteria strains will cause an infection. I understand there?s a difference between colonization, which is going to happen with the presence of a SP catheter, and a true infection in the bladder wall. After taking antibiotics my bladder does spasm much less and I have significant pain relief.

    Any suggestions on how I can cut down on the presence of bacteria or what I can use to flush the bladder to help improve some of the symptoms, like the pain and bladder emptying or avoiding.?

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