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Thread: Adding spacers to rear wheels of TiLite X

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    Well this has been some great trouble-shooting! Thanks everyone for sharing your time and knowledge. I'm going to show up at NuMotion's door the minute they open in hopes they will just toss me a new (or spare) axel sleeve and send me on my way OR take mine into the back and grind mine down back into working condition. If that fails, I've got the perfect friend in mind to bribe. Anything one needs to be aware of when filing off the offending thread?

    *** c4/c5 incomplete *** Injured in Summer 2003 ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveh0 View Post
    Anything one needs to be aware of when filing off the offending thread?
    Don't use a course bastard file, unless it is all you have . A smooth will do and if you can, file away from the thread as you don't want burs on the thread flank. The important thing is to avoid leaving burs that will pick up on the aluminium camber plug threads
    DO NOT file into the face that the axle detente balls bear on.
    if they have half capable employees at Numotion you should be fine. If they have a lathe, better still as you want a clean, uninterrupted face for the axle pin detente balls to bear against.

    Check it over before you leave and query/seek clarification if you have doubts.
    Or just get new axle sleeves and revert to Phils suggestion.
    If you go this route and Numotion were the ones to suggest removing the sleeves, lean on them for a decent discount.
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    Annnnnnd after about an hours worth of work, NuMotion comes through in the clutch. Mission accomplished! Thanks again everyone for the guidance and wisdom!

    *** c4/c5 incomplete *** Injured in Summer 2003 ***

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