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Thread: How many of you manage living independently, a job, and a dog?

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    Puppies suck.
    Dogs are awesome.

    Stick though the puppy years and work on some training. It's worth it.
    I don't have to care for ours alone but we have three big dogs and they're just family.
    Our oldest is in her final weeks, however. The saying goodbye is the hardest part.
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    I'll echo what Mize said. Puppies are cute but they are a lot of work. See if you can find some puppy training in your area. It is totally worth it. My daughter uses a head collar on her dog and it really helps with walks and redirecting quickly and it doesn't pull on their delicate throats. Gentle Leader by Petsafe is one brand.

    Also, I'm so sorry Mize that you will be saying goodby to a great pooch.

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