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Thread: Honda Odessa Transmission Issue

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    Honda Odessa Transmission Issue

    Currently driving a 2016 Honda Odessa, experiencing issues with the transmission?s ECO system. From a stop the trans shifts from ECO to first gear and sometimes back to ECO, giving me three of six cylinders and the prospect of being rear ended. After a few moments the tranny goes back to first or previous gear. Dangerous and maddening. The Honda dealer did not offer a solution. On line found others having the same problem. Was told that a solenoid that controls the tranny may be the fault. Returning to Honda dealer next week and have a come to Jesus moment with the service manager.
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    What's the computer codes say? AutoZone will pull them for free. Isn't the Honda under warranty? Get hold of the district manage. Should be in the owners manual.

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    Thanks, I’ll have the computer codes checked as well.

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    I doubt Auto Zone can read codes in the transmission control module (TCM).

    Problems like the one above on real late models are often solved by a re-flash of the ECM or TCM. Maybe you should get a second opinion at another dealer.
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    Must retrieve codes first. Write all of them down. Have codes cleared via scanner. See which one is first to reappear. Address it first.
    Due to ECM, BCM, TCM linked/communicating with each other, it's possible the trans may not be at fault.
    Rule of thumb: all/any engine performance issues must be corrected before considering transmission.
    If this is a common issue in the programing, dealer will know this and reflash any or all modules.
    Many parts stores might be able to retrieve codes related to your issue but don't bet the bank on what they find or say.
    Generic codes is as deep as most of them can go which may or may not show trans codes. OEM code retrieval requires a more expensive scanner.

    Love/hate electronic trans. Shifts great and helps MPG. WHEN they develop problems, hope it's a solenoid, converter, or a faulty connector somewhere. Anything beyond that, they are almost not repairable.
    Most dealers don't rebuild components, they replace with new or factory reman (which many times are no good). There was a time when independant trans repair shops were everywhere. Due to high failure rate when rebuilding modern trannys, most have closed their doors or changed to a general repair shop.

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    Software update for transmission from dealer. It also might be the VCM. Check out the Honda Odyssey forum.

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