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Thread: Titanium Wheelchair

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    Titanium Wheelchair

    TiLite ZR rigid titanium wheelchair with 3" Midprofile Roho cushion and spinergy wheels
    3 years old. In excellent condition. Asking $1750
    I will deliver within 2 hours of Toronto or Hamilton. Check with me about shipping options
    Here are the specs:

    • SlipStream Single-Sided Fork with Integrated Bumper (patent pending)
    • Our new Performance 5-Spoke Soft Roll Wheel weighs just 1.6 ounces, shaving 40% from the weight of the original, 3-Spoke Wheel.
    • The new Z's 1.25? Mono-Tube Frame is 20% lighter than its predecessor but retains Titanium's 44% strength advantage over 7000 series aluminum.

    Selected options:
    Frame Style:Z2FS1 - ZR Titanium Frame Ultimate TiFIT Upgrade (Please see Learn more.)
    TiLite Special Editions:None selected
    Transport Brackets:None selected
    Frame Finish:ZFF1 - Satin
    Color Anodizing Package:ZANO1 - Black - STD
    Rear Seat Width:15"
    Front Seat Width:ZFSW3 - 1.5? Taper (4? Narrower Inside Measurement than Rear Seat Width (A). Includes Tension Adj. by Straps Seat Upholstery.)
    Seat Depth:15"
    Frame Depth:1" Longer than Seat Depth
    Ergonomic Seat:None selected
    Front Seat Height:19"
    Rear Seat Height:14"
    Front Frame Angle:90? (n/a w/5" or 6" Front Wheels)
    Seat to Footrest:14"
    Footrest Type:ZFTR3 - Aluminum Angle Adjustable Footrest
    Footrest Width/Standard Front End:None selected
    Footrest Width/V-Front:10? Footrest Width
    Seat Back Type:ZSB1 - Folding Aluminum Adjustable Height
    TiShaft Back Release Bars:ZSB3 - Aluminum - STD (N/A w/Non-Folding, Fixed Height Titanium Back.)
    Push Handles:ZSB6 - Integrated Push Handles (N/A w/Non-Folding, Fixed Height Titanium Back.)
    Seat Back Height Range:None/Bolt On-Medium (13" - 17.5")[Set at:: ]
    Seat Back Height:16"
    Seat Back that Locks when Folded:ZSB11 - Yes
    Seat Back Rigidizer Bar:Standard - 3" Rounded Rigidizer Bar
    Seat Back Angle:92?
    Center of Gravity:2"
    Camber Tube Type:ZCBR15 - Aluminum Camber Tube
    Rear Wheel Spacing:1"
    Camber Plugs:ZCBR12 - Adjustable Rear Wheel Spacing Camber Plugs - STD
    Front Wheels:ZFW24 - 3" x 1.5" LiteSpeed Billet Aluminum w/Soft Roll - Silver Hub
    Front Forks:ZFK1 - TiLite Standard Forks - STD
    Front Fork Options:None selected
    Rear Wheel Size:24" (540)
    Rear Wheel Type:ZRW7 - Spinergy SPOX Wheel
    Spinergy Spoke Color:Blue - Spinergy SPOX or Spinergy LX Only
    Axles:ZAXL1 - Stainless Quick Release - STD
    Rear Wheel Tire:ZRTR23 - 24?(540) and 25?(559) Primo Active
    Handrims:ZRIM5 - Plastic Coated ? Black (n/a w/Mag Rear Wheels.)
    Handrim Mount:ZRIM7 - Long Tab - STD
    Wheel Locks:ZWLK8 - Compact Composite Pull to Lock (Available with .75? to 1.5? Rear Wheel Spacing J only)
    Wheel Lock Options:None selected
    Back Upholstery:ZBUP3 - Tension Adjustable by Straps - Padded Nylon
    Seat Upholstery:ZSUP1 - Tension Adjustable Bolt-On - STD (n/a w/Tapered Seat)
    Seat Cushions:None selected
    Side Guards:None selected
    Side Guard Options:None selected
    Armrests:None selected
    Seat Belt:None selected
    Seat Belt Options:None selected
    Calf Strap:ZCLF2 - Velcro Adjustable
    Anti-Tips:None selected
    Frame Protector:ZMPCT2 - Neoprene Impact Guards with Black Ultrasuede Stripe

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    C3/4 Brown Sequard

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    C3/4 Brown Sequard

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