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    Braun lift install

    I swear, it seems I'm always having issues with things I get. Like, a curse? lol. Gotta laugh, or I'll get too depressed. I fundraised for a long time, and got my dream van, a Ford Transit. I really wish I liked minivans, because this has turned into a nightmare. I got quotes that were through the roof expensive, and one quote even took a whole month to get, because of red tape. So I went with a local mobility upfitter, and they gave me a price break... a little. Still $14,400. For a Braun Millennium and Auto cool door opener. I did my own floors. They didn't tell me I should have the floor go all the way over the step well on the side door, and claimed they didn't know until the kit arrived. It took a MONTH to do, and I finally got it back. It looks very, very unfinished. An upfitter on a Ford Transit forum even showed a photo of how his look, and it's a lot different. I tried to explain this, but they said that it is mounted far forward, and it would've needed a support under the part over the step well, and then the floor put in around it. They just didn't know.
    So I've been using it a couple times, and the thing rattles like a mofo. In my powerchair, it slants a bit, and really screeches. Just last time, getting out, it wouldn't raise back up, and I had to push the ledge of the ramp up before it would. Then it looked crooked, and the gear box twisted some as it closed. Just looks really really sketchy!! I don't know if any of this is normal, as I haven't had a lift in decades.
    Here's a pic of my van, and the first pic is how that upfitter guy on the forum makes his, and second is how mine looks. They're going to do something about it, cut my plastic up to fit, or do diamond plate rubber. Just not sure how that's gonna work. Oh, they also scratched it badly, on the platform. Like it's been dropped. Big huge scuff on the sandpaper part and the metal. I pointed it out, but they waved it off.
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